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If you want to grow by maximizing your existing  opportunities,  you want to meet your website visitors and prospects exactly where they are: On their cell phones...texting.

Engage with your next new customers faster and on their terms with business class text messaging!

Text Enable Your Website & Business

Engage With Your Customers Faster & On Their Terms With Business Class Text Messaging!

Engage website visitors using two-way text messaging and instant callback technology.


We are a little different...

Bill Dyer helps companies grow by text enabling their website & business so they can engage in more conversations with visitors and add new customers.

Bill's philosophy for doing business was formed after he was robbed and shot at an ATM on his way to work.

One gift that emerged from this experience is that the letters "ATM" took on new meaning: "Appreciate This Moment" - to be thankful for this moment and increase the value of this moment.

This describes Bill's promise and way of working with others.

Conversation Boom SOFTWARE 

Eye Catching Button

Grab Your Website Visitors Attention & Convert Them Into Sales Conversations

Add a text and phone button to your website in just a few seconds. Connect hot leads to your sales people in 14 seconds or less. 

  • Animated call button to attract your website visitors attention.
  • Our artificial intelligence (AI) automatically pops-up at the ideal time when they are likely to convert.
  • Customize the text and colors to match your branding.

Customizable Multi-Channel Widget

Engage Your Website Visitors On Their Own Terms

Your website visitors can choose to connect via text message or an instant callback using our multi-channel communication widget.

  •   Customize the colors, content, and logo.
  • Customize to your needs by choosing Phone & Text, Phone Only, or Text Only.
  •  Micro-commitments increase engagement with hot leads.

Web Text Chat - Conversations That Convert

Boost Sales By Connecting With Visitors Through Text Messaging Chat

Next generation chat for your website. Capture and convert leads by allowing them to enter their mobile number and question, and then move to a text conversation.

  •  Keep the conversation going after the visitor leaves your website.
  • Option to text enable your existing landline.
  • Auto replies for outside of business hours.

Instant Callback

Increase Conversions And Turn Website Visits Into Sales Calls

Maximize your marketing spend by engaging with your visitors at the ideal time. Our widget seamlessly connects visitors to your sales team in 14 seconds. 

  • Increase conversion rates on your website.
  • Record conversations to improve customer service.
  •   Generate more sales leads on complete auto-pilot.

Two-way Text Messaging

Send and Receive Texts Online

A simple and easy to use online dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations on the go. 

  • Unlimited contacts.
  • Tag contacts to segment your list.
  • Track the URL where text messages originated.

SMS Broadcasting

Mass Text Messaging

Easily send bulk text messages or alerts to everyone or segments of your contact list at the same time.

  • Personalize your text messages with merge fields.
  • Schedule broadcast messages to go out immediately or at a later date and time.
  • Check stats to see how your text message blast performed.

 "A simple widget that enhances a website visitors experience. A great tool every website owner should have. Highly recommend."

David S.
Strategic Marketing Advisors

  "I have been very happy with the software. It's a quality software created by a great team. I strongly recommend it"

David M.
Call Engager

  "This thing has made my phone ring off the hook. If you are a service based industry  you definitely need to get this thing."

Duan B.
The Company


If you want an unfair advantage - FAST...



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I know we're both busy. That's why I created a special video page explaining my services. After watching the short video about Conversation Boom, you can determine if you would like to have a conversation and explore it further.

 If that is the case, let's schedule a quick call to show you a demo and answer any questions you may have. After that, if you think Conversation Boom can help you reach your objectives (or reach them faster) we'll set you up to use the software for 14 Days at No Cost with No strings : - )

My Email address is: [email protected]
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